Delivery Service

Hi everyone! We're here to help people send small packages across borders through fellow travelers.

It's quicker and cheaper than the usual delivery services.

Upcoming travels

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If you need
to send a package

  1. Enter the route and delivery dates in
    the search window
  2. Choose a 'carrier' willing to take your package
  3. Get in touch with the 'carrier' and arrange the place, time of package hand over, and compensation for the delivery
  4. Hand over the package
  5. After the package is delivered, pay the carrier for their service

If you're ready
to deliver a package

  1. Provide information about your upcoming trip and specify what you're willing to transport (documents, items)
  2. Receive a delivery request and negotiate the terms of the package transfer (where and when you'll pick up the package, who it's being delivered to and your compensation)
  3. Accept the package and ensure that the items you’ve been given are safe
  4. Deliver the package to the designated city, hand it over, and receive your compensation